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Victoria Australia
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WGM History & Development

Warren, Graham and Murphy Pty Ltd (WG&M) can trace its roots back to legal practices in East Gippsland dating back to the late 1870’s. It’s origins in fact lie in the first two legal firms established in Bairnsdale, W.B Thomson & Co (circa 1879) and C.A Commins & Co (circa 1883). R.G Warren took over both firms prior to the Second World War, after which he was joined by two ex-servicemen in Alan Murray Graham and Milton D’Stere Murphy, at which time the firm assumed its current name. All three have since retired, however, and despite a number of partnership changes over the years, the firm retains the name established in 1957. Both Murray Graham and Milton Murphy remained partners for over 30 years and were joined by Ian Campbell in 1964. Ian still maintains an active involvement in the firm in a consultancy role

The Firm has maintained a continuous presence in Bairnsdale, the site of it’s first office and the location of the present head office.

Over the years, the Firm has enjoyed considerable growth and expanded its coverage to service all of East Gippsland. Some of the more notable landmarks in WG&M’s history are as follows: -

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